The World

We’re lost in a sea of fiction. We believe in imaginary money but ignore real climate change. We believe the lies of politicians but ignore the truth told by scientists. We believe the racists on social media but ignore the people calling them out. We believe comfortable thoughts while ignoring the world burning.

The world is ending.

There will be no more GDP.

But we still do not act, in case of an economic slowdown.

We are all doomed to die because of imaginary money and wealth.

Supposedly we think we are clever.


Capital Gains

Have you ever felt like you can just take a step, all your problems will disappear and they will never come back. It is hard to fight against taking that step when it feels so logical and the safest place to be. No more worries. No more sleepless nights. Read More »

Is Writing Narcissistic?

Typing words on WordPress, what is my goal. Is it to clean my mind? If it is why at times does it take great effort to avoid a blank screen? Is it because I want fame? Why then to hide my name and most photographs of myself? Is it for follows? How do I play that game? Is it for a like?Read More »