Societal Fragments

We are all devided. We are all fragmented. We argue. We shout. We holler. We face the abyss of our own making. We allowed the media to tear us apart. We allowed social media to drive the wedge further. We stopped listening. We destroyed society.

The Eichmann Problem and Covid Deaths

When Hannah Ardent wrote about Adolf Eichmann, she coined the phrase, “the banality of evil.” Eichmann was a man more at home in logistics than he was in the real world. I don’t mean this in any way to say he was misjudged. He was the archetypical, “I’m just following orders,” person.

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The World

We’re lost in a sea of fiction. We believe in imaginary money but ignore real climate change. We believe the lies of politicians but ignore the truth told by scientists. We believe the racists on social media but ignore the people calling them out. We believe comfortable thoughts while ignoring the world burning.

The world is ending.

There will be no more GDP.

But we still do not act, in case of an economic slowdown.

We are all doomed to die because of imaginary money and wealth.

Supposedly we think we are clever.