Is Writing Narcissistic?

Typing words on WordPress, what is my goal. Is it to clean my mind? If it is why at times does it take great effort to avoid a blank screen? Is it because I want fame? Why then to hide my name and most photographs of myself? Is it for follows? How do I play that game? Is it for a like?Read More »

A Self-proclaimed Martyr

Still on I drive, meditating about life and humanity. I still feel as if I am on a precipice and surrounded by a straight deadly drop, everything and anything I do in next can have serious repercussions on my life. Have you ever felt like you can just take a step, all your problems will disappear and they will never come back.Read More »

Still Driving

I keep driving on and on I press, searching for where I should be.  Driving, driving, no reason to think of where to go, just go. I can never truly remember journeys, I guess none of us that drive do, we sort of switch off and head into a world of meditation. This probably explains where there is a load of car crashes, perhaps we as humans are not designed to drive cars, we would all rather be passengers. It might explain a lot about human nature if all we are is back street drivers, we all offer advice and guidance but so we ourselves want to follow that advice and guidance? Very probably not, we want to be passengers that believe they can control situations. We do not want to be the power that is in control of situations.Read More »