I often lie and ponder life. Wonder why I took the doorways and paths that I did. Was it all set out before me, was I pre-determined to take this route, or did I have free will and take a path that I choose freely.

If I was pre-determined do I then have to take responsibility for any of my actions? Is believing that I am guided a cop-out for having agency in my life? Is it a way to resolve the inner personal demons?

I lie awake at night wondering about this. Would it also mean that all the good I have done, matter not, as I couldn’t pick morally whether I should or not? I was just guided to act.

Does following a certain path mean that I  have to believe in god and fate? Does free will mean we should all be atheists?

What path should I follow?

Bare Backs

Our daily lives

hang on a thread.

All the knives

ready to shred

our bare backs.


Once we’ve turned

we see no more.

We’ve been spurned,

now they’ve tore

our bare backs.


Once we were naive

now we feel well.

But, they thieve

and now they fell

our bare backs.