The Nouns

It all started with an email. A simple email, it only contained the words “NOUNS ARE FALSE”.

At first, it seemed like a joke, but the more people talked, the more they started to believe. It grew, slowly at first. Then it became viral, there were videos made, academics discussed the idea, cultures started to change, warp, meanings lost. New meanings were found.

As the idea spread, the world started to darken. Not just metaphorically but the stars started to disappear and the universe began to shrink. Then slowly whole regions disappeared, followed by countries. As they reached a tipping point of believers, they could no longer define themselves and disappeared into nothingness.

At first, it was just pronouns that disappeared, and slowly the nouns that had been verbed crumbled into the dust. Eventually there was noth……

The Dust

The dust. The dust lay thickly across the shelf. A snowfall of epic proportions across the contours of the shelf, taking on glacial properties. I trace my finger through the dust. It throws up fairies, dancing in the glinting light. An almost imperceptible breeze blowing them to their new kingdom.Read More »

A Self-proclaimed Martyr

Still on I drive, meditating about life and humanity. I still feel as if I am on a precipice and surrounded by a straight deadly drop, everything and anything I do in next can have serious repercussions on my life. Have you ever felt like you can just take a step, all your problems will disappear and they will never come back.Read More »