We sit on  a train

staring into the abyss.

Is this action, really sane?

My fears, you dismiss.

The abyss, coming closer,

the end ever nearer.

You think you’re the composer

but that is a veneer.

You’re but a puppet

on a cut-price budget.


They send letters in white envelopes now. Not, the brown envelopes of yore. White envelopes. It makes them look like a circular. Chances are putting the letter straight on a one way trip to the bin. Is it by design that they do this now, don’t fill in your assessment form and you’ll find your health benefits cut? An easy change for someone to make if they deliberately want people to miss their appointments.

Am I being too cynical, too jaded, too paranoid? Would the government really want to treat the worst off in society in such a duplicitous way? Watching the news and you can’t help but think so. Is it a further nail in the coffin of a once “civilised” country? We were once proud and tall and now we are all but pastiches of the previous glory that this country once held itself in.

Perhaps it is just better to consign oneself to the bin than the letter.