The Tsunami

I chose to believe that I lived in a progressive country. Now, I realise I was deluded. The UK has finally let down its mask, and inside is an ugly beast. The rampant exceptionalism that allowed Britain to colonise a lot of the world still runs wild in individual sections of society. Our politicians no longer guide or lead; they merely surf the wave of populism. The only problem here is that the wave is a tsunami.

Eventually, it will make landfall, and it will destroy vast swathes of a very coastal group of islands. The ride might be the most exhilarating some have ever experienced, but the aftermath is going to destroy people and places that the original wave never touches.

The surfer brah lifestyle of our politicians, living in the moment, only caring about the next soundbite, is not the way to run a country. Many will rue their choices of the last four years, or may even double down on the rhetoric as they can’t admit they made a mistake. The only issue is they should not have paddled out to the wave if they did not think they could make it.

Should we help these drowning surfers? I feel yes, but the irony is that many of these Brexiteering surfers do not believe in mutual aid. Knowing that they would not be found of mutual aid, does make me ponder whether I should be the best David Hasselhoff I can be. They have doomed many of us, not all, as some will do well out of the impending disaster.

Apologies to all real surfers by the way.

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