Monday Morning

Monday morning.

Is it the first day of the new week or the second day? Should I even care? It’s not like Monday isn’t just a social construct, like money. Thinks that only exist because we pretend they are real. Is that the real human condition? To live in a state of denial about reality?

Does this mean I need a coffee or less coffee? Am I addicted?

We are all addicted to something, yet some are more socially acceptable forms of addiction than others. Hoarding wealth is a vast social evil compared to drug use, yet for some reason, we allow that, and some even consider it good. Is this the same delusion as when we believe Monday actually exists?

Delusions surround us, am I woke or still just dreaming?

Is the pill from “The Matrix” a real thing? I guess you could argue that many of our pills for mental health issues are pills from “The Matrix.” Do people suffer from mental health issues thanks to the delusions that surround us, do these delusions just become too much, or too little? Are we as humans continually stretching the fabric of reality too thin?

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