The Fall into Autumn

The sun glints off the water, water as still as a skating rink. The golden and blood-red leaves perfectly reflected on the surface of the water. A fish jumping above the water, making ripples that disturb the leaves with a non-existent wind. The last of the summer heat caressing my body with its dying embers.

The world feels calm.

These are days that I wish could go on forever.

They never do. The next day is grey. Everything feels contaminated by the greyness. It seeps into everything. A day when you feel a primeval urge to curl up beside a fire and not set out into the world.

Then the rain comes. Constant. A rain that looks like it will never end. The puddles forming, only as a way to further reflect the grey light. My bones feel it, everything aches. A cold permeates that chills right to my soul.
These are the days that go on forever.

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