The Page

Staring at a blank page. Willing the words to come. Sweat starting to bead. A feeling of hopelessness, a deep seated belief that you’re wrong starts to resurface. Sadly, its only the tip of the iceberg.

Starting to worry, but there is no deadline. Is that better or worse? Do I need a deadline, would the words magically start to flow due to some constraint? Am I overthinking this?

How do I start? Do I start at the end and work back? Do I start at the beginning? Do I start in the middle and try and fill in either end? Do I need a template? Where is my style guide?

Ah, the doorbell.

One thought on “The Page

  1. Sometimes it can be worse. You start with a blank page, then words appear. They flow. First one then hundreds. Where did they come from? Suddenly it’s like a cliff edge. The words are there but they have left you with a worse position than the blank page. You have peaked too soon with nowhere left to go, but no way back unless you delete them and return to the blank page.

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