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In my day job, I spend a lot of my time in and around “action sports”, which means my job is probably not something that can be considered a job. To relax I tend to either throw myself along kerbs on a skateboard or I mess around with music.

I love the aesthetic of dungeon synth, it takes me back to my teenage years of dungeons and dragons, reading Tolkein, and generally just being a stereotypical character. I constantly wish skateboards had graphics I like, wheelbase length that I like and a concave that I like. I decided then to try and meld these together into a small collection of boards and items.

After spending days/weeks arguing with Adobe Illustrator/SkateCAD designs are away to various outlets to see what happens. Giving the current pandemic, I guess this might not be a short wait. My day job has shown that bikes will be a pretty rare commodity for the next while, and hopefully this will bring a societal change.

Interesting times.

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