Today will always be the day, except for when it is tomorrow, then it is another failed attempt to do all those things you said you were going to do. Why do we always try and pressure ourselves into being a “better person.” What is a better person? How do we measure a better person? Is it wealth? Is it the size of your social circle? Is it your influence on Instagram? Is it your charity work? Is it simply that at the end of the day you feel happy?

It seems as if we are coached to never be happy. Being happy and content seems to make us consume less. It is therefore imperative that we keep consuming. Honestly, tell people that you don’t consume with religious fervour and they’ll think your weird. Sure, you might get a few nice platitudes but that person will then walk off and be thinking how weird you are.

Anxiety seems to be one of the best drivers in our economy. Sure, some people will end up severely mentally ill but there will always be cons about trying to bump up those figures. These people are just collateral in a system that in no way is fit to call itself “the only system that works.”

Society is fucked and we’re letting it happen.

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