Shoegaze Sunday

Like many people, I spent parts of my youth playing in bands. The early years became later years and I still played in bands. Then my life decided to take a temporary dive off a cliff, during that time I stopped playing in bands and avoided music altogether as there were a lot of memories tied up and I didn’t want some of those memories to re-surface.

I recently started to mess around with ideas. I guess it is really hard to avoid music. Music surrounds us, and it could be fair to surmise that the human condition needs music, especially if we want to express ourselves. We all want to express ourselves, via music, words, or activities and for many of us, we forget these pursuits.

Forgetting the fundamental human wants leaves us feeling more of a husk than a fully rounded person. So, rather than witter on for hours, here is a little shoegazey rock thing I knocked out today.

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