Still Driving

I keep driving on and on I press, searching for where I should be.  Driving, driving, no reason to think of where to go, just go. I can never truly remember journeys, I guess none of us that drive do, we sort of switch off and head into a world of meditation. This probably explains where there is a load of car crashes, perhaps we as humans are not designed to drive cars, we would all rather be passengers. It might explain a lot about human nature if all we are is back street drivers, we all offer advice and guidance but so we ourselves want to follow that advice and guidance? Very probably not, we want to be passengers that believe they can control situations. We do not want to be the power that is in control of situations.

Is that why politicians always seem so distant to us “ordinary” people? They want to be in charge. We let them be in charge and then hope we can guide them. When it turns out that we can not inevitably guide them the way we want, we vote them out and then vote in another load who want to be in control ad Infinitum. Is this why the world is crumbling around us? We cannot move humanity forward as the people with good ideas do not want to lead and the people with terrible ideas do want to lead. I am sure I once read that the Native Americans felt that the person who should be chief was the person that did not want to be chief. This to me seems like a system we should be operating.

We could then do away with political parties, why do we have political parties anyway? Why do we also have so few political parties? If we picked people from various sections of the community at random and put them together to run the country it surely couldn’t be any worse than what we already have. We might even get our bins collected when we want them collected and not just a spurious suggestion by your local council when they might pop past to pick them up. I have never truly understood why bins are always a huge local issue. We have schools failing, crime rising, and hospitals disappearing but if the bins are collected at the allotted time then society seems to be able to carry on and no one wants to bat an eyelid, possibly in case their bins are not collected next week.

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