The Car

I place both my hands on the steering wheel, my head slumps forward and hits the horn, like it could really do anything else but that. I sit there with my head resting against the black of night steering wheel. I don’t even know where I am. I just drove. What am I going to do? My phone is still ringing. I’ll just avoid that, eventually, I will ignore it often enough that it just stops ringing. I look at my fuel gauge. At least I had the sense to fill the car up before I leave if you ever think you will have anxiety attacks that will make you run off into the middle of nowhere make sure you buy a car with good miles per gallon figures. I am glad that I did as I still have fuel. Everything around me is black, except for the illuminated country lane in front of me. High hedges on either side of the road and the odd tree amongst the hedge plants, giving a sort of avenue feel to wherever I am. Should I drive forward or tun around? I settle on driving forward.

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