A Death in the Family

My emotions were everywhere. I did not know what to think. Sure, we knew it was likely but we all felt he had left the worst times behind. He had left the person that had been tormenting, goading him to this. Now, he had. I wonder if he regretted anything or just longed for the escape? His chance to free himself?

It had been a week since my brother killed himself. He looked for the world like he was pulling his life back together. A new house, a new car, would someone who felt so suicidal buy these things? Were these objects bout to placate himself or us. Convince us all that he was okay and was going to be okay?

There are so many questions, so many questions I would love to ask him but I have forever missed my chance. Does he realise the pain and destruction he has left behind? At times I hate him, I can’t believe that he would take that way out. People call it a coward’s way out and at times I believe them.

His death has broken my parents. It has left them mere husks, destroyed. I guess they really wanted to see out the both of us.

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