We have decided that money guides our system but the people we have let run the system do not understand the concepts of money. Why do we do that, why do we vote for people who do not actually understand how the planet works. Why do we vote for people that do not want to make life better for the majority of people, they want to make it better for themselves. Why do we fall for this time and time again? Why do we not stand up and bring the system down? We can have a better world but we choose not to have a better world. I should avoid the news it does nothing for my feelings about the world, it ruins my life, I look at it and the depression gets deeper. Perhaps taking salvation is better than fighting to save a world that does not want to be saved. At this point, I want to scream a massive “FUCK YOU” to the world in general and ride off into my own sunset, a martyr to the cause but the problem is no one will listen or care.

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