#musicmondays #1 Xerxes The Dark

Hashtags you have to love them or use them ironically. Both though are probably bad options for any credibility you may hope your life has. I’m using it here to add something different to my site. #musicmondays will be where I mention someone else’s music, someone you may never have heard of, someone you may have heard of or someone you may not even care about.

Today I am going to start with Xerxes The Dark. Why have I started there? Well on Facebook the Persian artist has been posting footage of his recent gig in Tehran over the last week, there is something that caught my fancy about this. Iran is for many of us in the west a land of mystery and supposition, the news reports we see are full of horror and tales of forthcoming nuclear armageddon. The people I know who have visited the country tell tales of great hospitality and warm people, this contrast sits nicely in my ideological beliefs.


The other reason for starting with XTD is that he has a huge catalogue of releases dating back to 2005, most are digital, and all are of a high quality. You can sit back and spend next weekend working your way through his industrial-tinged dark ambient back catalogue.


My pick for a dropping off point would be [Ab]Solution on D.M.T Records.

[Ab]Solution is a dark and ominous record when the tracks drone you are transported to subterranean catacombs deep under the Persian lands hoping for salvation. The salvation that never comes as you dragged deeper and deeper into a malevolent hellscape. The found sounds and industrial tinges hastening our downward spiral, the sounds of despair surround us on all sides.

Limbo is the standout track on this release. A track that feels dedicated to your death, we have a slow onerous funeral dirge, dragging you unwillingly to Duzakh. Duzakh is the hell of Persian myth and suits the XTD sound. The hell is described as “as a deep well, terrifying because it is dark, stinking, and extremely narrow. The smallest of the xrafstars (harmful creatures) are as big as mountains, and all devour and destroy the soul of the damned“. This is about as good a definition of the XTD sound as you can get. Dark and claustrophobic music that at times can also feel as wide as the universe, all life belongs to XTD.


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