Walking. I am always walking. I don’t know where I’m going or why I need to get there. I just know I need to keep walking. I turn this way and that, no particular reason, just following my feelings. Always just walking. I can hear the sounds of life go past, cascading like waterfalls past my ears. The sun, when it shows, glinting through the spaces between buildings. Walking, always walking. Will I ever know when to stop walking? Do I walk until the day I drop or do I reach some sort of destination and stop then? Will I know I’ve reached my destination?

Will I just reach my destination and not recognise it and just keep walking. Searching for that elusive destination that I’ve just met but kept on walking right past it?  I can see the mist start to come down now, it must be nearing twilight, the sun is but a pastel hue now, still, I keep walking. Will I walk all night or shall I rest and take up the pursuit of my destination in the morning?

Walking I will always be walking.

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