They rolled together
entwined consciousness.
Her skin soft to touch.
She was a peach.
He wanted salvation.
The lies were moving closer together now. As they got close, they seemed to merge and become an undeniable truth. The flame of truth grew brighter. The truth would bring salvation or a teenage riot. He could hear the music down the street, it would soon be cut off, personal enjoyment no longer allowed.
The desire was growing.
He longed for her.
Atrocities committed daily.
Guarantees made by rockets and grenades.
All communications down.
Bow down or die.
Go out and clear the streets now.
The truth was getting louder now. It was causing the lights to burn brighter. The radiators were humming and vibrating. The floor was shaking. The desk exploded. He felt a relief wash over him. He picked her up. Bending her over he entered. He was going to try and make her explode. His head exploded all over her. She laughed, looking at the green shell that remained. He had been too weak, she needed someone stronger.
The whistling
comes in deep and low.
Out of nowhere.
Just keep moving.
This is how we live.
She picked up the green shell. Walking down the street, people moving out the way. She was pulsating with light, her skin shiny and taught. With each step, she became lighter. She came to the non-existent sea and dove in. Pulling her shell behind. On the beach, men strained to see her, this Aphrodite. Her sexual magnetism driving them mad. All the time the word was coming.
God the great deceiver.
Scourge of nations.
Killer of the innocent.
Burning to death,
the flames reinventing.
Living to believe.
Believing to live.
She reached into the shell; glowing in purple magnificence. Pulling out a foetus. Her body started to drain into it. Losing itself, the power of the word spilling into the new body. The foetus starts to purr and vibrate, the power of the word. The word was growing stronger. Her body orgasmed once more and vanished into the ether world.




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