The Death of Ethics

The starving are neglected.
We have no sincerity.
Just keep the TV on.
Ethics is a dirty word,
it makes no money.
The jar was burning him now. He had to make the drums, they seemed to be growing fainter now. The bombing was lighting the sky up. The air was getting heavier. The world was being eaten alive. The humanity was lost. He knew he could no longer hold the jar, he kept on. She rose in front of him. This was another trial. He knew he could no longer escape. She lay him down.
Letting you down,
is the best I could do.
We should never leave
but we did.
Death was stalking.
Life was evading.
It would all end.
The explosions were coming.
No one will ever move.
The fights can’t go on.
He was resisting. Trying to fight her off. She clawed at his face, with long feline claws. Biting and chewing his neck. He picked the jar up, smashed it off her head. Too late he realised what he had done. There was an explosion in the sky. The word exploded across his mind. He stood up and shouted. The world stopped, the word was free. The fighting came back fiercer than ever. The world
Good intentions
are not enough.


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