Whispered Nothings

Whispered nothings.
Violent endings.
The foetus drifted up. Floating along the sea of sand. The winds blowing it towards the end of time. The sun burning up. Society crumbling. The word wrapped up deep within. The scorching air burning its skin as it started to grow.
The end is coming.
Live for now.
Forget the future
there is none.
Society is dieing.
Life is failing.
Always searching.
The sky lighting up as the foetus grows. The sky constantly evolving, flashes of colour. Mountains exploding, volcanoes erupting, the sky falling. The word walks into a bar. The air musty and moist. Smoke hanging in the air. The old oak booths showing their age, the floor sticky with years of use. He walks over and picks her up. Takes her out into the dark alley. Presses her against the wall. Lifting her up gently, he pulls her pants to one side. Her eyes flash blue and green as he ejaculates in her. Her skin quivering with the force of her orgasm. She sees the word and realises the truth but too late.
Death is the beginning.
Lying and deceiving
was all you did.
Killing my soul.
Leaving me hollow.
Now your gone.
He turned around and walked away. Towards the marshland to the east. Walking past beggars and muggers, turning to watch as he past. He was the truth he was the word. A vibrating ball of energy. Then he was dragged into a doorway, a tub was placed in his hand. He opened it. There was a clenched hand inside, he opened the hand, there was a beetle there. Smiling he walked on. He could hear the distant banging on drums, the sky was phosphorescent.
Your silence was deafening
you can’t defend your actions.
Lying and deceiving
is all you know.
The end was coming
you knew but never said.
Playing with my heart
you left me for dead.
Struggling to breathe.
Massacred for love.
He could smell the marsh. Balls of gas exploding around him. The ground sinking below him. He carried on. The drumming was closer, he could feel it beating his chest. The pressure was making him delirious. He saw shapes dance in front of him, mixing and entwining with each other. The shapes making love to each other, all in harmony showing how the world could be. His face hit the ground and sunk into a glorious blanket of mud.

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