The Response

The response
was never, forthcoming.
Playing, a game.
There was, always going
to be one loser.
Death was coming.
The mud was enveloping him. He was sliding helplessly through the mud. It felt so good against his skin. Sliding towards the centre of the earth. He felt something grip the back of his neck. He was getting pulled back up. She was beautiful, her skin glowing in the light. She was completely naked. She wrapped herself around him, knowing it would be the end. She wanted the truth though. She could feel him enter her. The world was glowing, she could hear him groaning. The world exploded. She felt her body contract, she became a beetle. He put her in the tub. The drums were
getting louder.
Fidelity was nothing
to you.
The great deceiver.
Death was all, you brought.
Lies – were your tools.
Let us become one.
The world will explode.
Death and glory await.
The mud was becoming harder. The air smelled of sulphur and slavery. The story was unravelling. His feet were growing heavy, the pressure of the word bearing down. The trees growing in clumps, with strange flies the size of birds flying through them. Killing all they touched, dogs barking in the distance. His feet wearing him down, falling to his knees he begs for forgiveness. The word will destroy them. The word is the truth, a flaming hot weapon. The most deadly of all weapons, it knows no compassion. Society will be devastated, the devastators will rejoice.
We will dream of future generations.
They will look back and despise.
Killing the world.
Leave nothing.
always owing
never fully paid.
Living in the now
the future – empty and dead.
The source of humanity,
hidden and buried.
Never to be found.
Death will come.
He pulled himself up from his knees, he had to carry on. The word needs to be unleashed. His head falling apart, strange growths spurting out. Radiant in the darkness, glowing and moving slowly in the breeze. The word trying to escape. The pain driving him mad. Shooting pains, making his eyes go black with pain.
The door opened.

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